Our alumni and friends share our commitment to advancing the cause of governance through thoughtful, concerted scholarship and practice. They know better than anyone how our programs prepare leaders to take on increasingly complex public problems.

A commitment from alumni and friends makes a significant difference. There are several ways to become a part of the life of the Truman School.

If you would like to:

  • visit a class or meet with students
  • serve as a mentor, or
  • post internships or permanent positions

Contact the Career Services Director to make a connection!

We would also welcome you to join us for Truman School sponsored events. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date with the Mizzou Alumni Association so you receive invitations to our alumni events and periodic alumni newsletters. You may also want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Financial support

Gifts from alumni and friends make a significant difference in the lives of students. You can make a general donation to the Truman School, direct a donation to one of several existing gift funds, or establish a named endowment.

To provide us with maximum impact in responding to our greatest needs, and to provide support for a variety of needs to promote the development of students, faculty, and staff within the Truman School - donate directly using this Mizzou Give Direct link to the >> Truman School of Government and Public Affairs Fund for Excellence.

For the other funds, you can give through the Giving to Mizzou online donation page. Using this page, check "Other" and in the comments section, write in Truman School and the name of the fund to which you would like to give.

Other funds:

The Office of Participatory Democracy fund enable students to participate in Model U.N. Debate, and Mock Trial. 

The Lu Lecture on Public Service Leadership supports a lecture on Public Service.

The Truman School Faculty Recognition and Support Fund supports an award to recognize outstanding teaching, research, and service by faculty in the Truman School.

Finally, existing gift funds to which you can contribute include these funds which provide awards directly to students.  It means a lot to our students to receive a named award!

  • Robert D. Banning Endowment in Public Administration
  • Dr. Stanley Botner Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Betty Anne McCaskill Scholarship in Washington, D.C 
  • William L. Bradshaw Scholarship
  • Jeffrey D. Byrne Scholarship
  • Governor Mel Carnahan Award and Fellowship Endowment for Public Service
  • Bryan L. Forbis Award
  • J.G. Heinberg Scholarship
  • Kalleberg Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Michael A. Kinney Scholarship
  • Missouri Excellence in Political Science Teaching Award
  • Carol Raulston Scholarship
  • Robin Remington Scholarship
  • James E. Schaperkotter Scholarship
  • Wallace/Remington Graduate Research Scholarship
  • Robin Remington Award
  • Edith Taylor Therrien Award
  • Barton Wechsler Endowed Scholarship
  • David M. Wood Excellence in Political Science Research Award
  • Dean L. Yarwood Award
  • Adams Scholarship

Other ways of giving

Consult the Giving to Mizzou, "Ways to Give" page for the many other ways you can donate. For example, if you prefer to mail a check, go to this page and under the "Immediate Impact" section, click on the "Check or Credit Card" drop down. Here you will be able to access a gift form you can print and complete and mail to the address listed.