Yujin Julia Jung

PhD Student
E004 Locust Street Bldg., 615 Locust Street
Julia Jung

     Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) in Political Science, Harry S Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, University  of Missouri. August 2019 - May 2024 (expected).


     Methodology Training:

      Summer Institute at Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (IQMR), Syracuse University, July 2022.

      Summer Program at Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, University of Michigan, July 2021.

      Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS), Rutgers University, June 2020.


      M.A., in International Politics, B.A., in Policy Studies (summa cum laude), Hanyang University, August 2018, 2016.



       Under Review

       • Mao, Hanjing, Antony, Meril, & Jung, Yujin J. "A Computational Analysis of State Governors and Public Reaction on Twitter in Early Days of COVID-19 Pandemic" (Currently Under Review)

       • Jung, Yujin J. "Coalition Participation and Radical Populist Party Success: The Conditional Effect of Party Ideology" (Currently Under Review)

       • Jung, Yujin J. "Multilateral Cooperation and International Norms: Countering Cyber Threats in Nuclear Facilities" (Currently Under Review)

      • Choi, Jeongho, & Jung, Yujin J. "Does Immigration Fuel Populism? The Effect of Immigration on the Rise of Populist Rhetoric" (Currently Under Review)


      Works in Progress

      • Jung, Yujin J. “Populism and Polarization in Comparative Perspective: Sectarian Populism” (Dissertation) (in progress)

      • Jung, Yujin J. “Polarization and Public Support for Political Revenge: Evidence from South Korea” (with Youngho Cho) (in progress)

      • Jung, Yujin J. “Presidential Rhetoric in Social Media and Anti-Minority Sentiment” (with Jonathan Krieckhaus) (in progress)

     • Jung, Yujin J. “Perceived Inequality, Redistribution Preferences, and Populist Attitudes in the United States" (with Eduardo Ryo Tamaki) (in progress)

     • Jung, Yujin J. “Left and Right Populism on Immigration Rhetoric” (with Jeongho Choi)

     • Jung, Yujin J. “Political Campaign of Asian-American Politicians” (with Taewoo Kang) (in progress)

     • Jung, Yujin J. “The Impact of the China-North Korea Relationship on International Relations in Asia” (in progress)



     Course Instructor

     • The Science of Politics, POLSC 2500: Spring 2024, University of Missouri

     • Introduction to International Relations, POLSC 1400: Fall 2023, University of Missouri

     • Chinese Politics & Foreign Policy, POLSC 4680: Spring 2023, University of Missouri

     • Comparative Political System, POLSC 2700: Fall 2022, University of Missouri


     Teaching Assistant

     • United States Constitutional Rights, POLSC 4210: Fall 2021, University of Missouri

     • American Government, POLSC 1100: Spring 2021, University of Missouri

     • Topics in Political Science: How Government Affects You, POLSC 2004: Fall 2020, University of Missouri

     • American Foreign Policy, POLSC 4540: Spring 2020, University of Missouri

     • Political Science Methodology (Graduate): Fall 2016, Hanyang University


     Award and Support

     • Robert N. Epsten Scholarship for International Studies, Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation, May, 2022.

     • American Political Science Association Political Communication Section Travel Funding,  August, 2023

     • Professional Presentation Travel Scholarship, Graduate School, University of Missouri, May, 2023

     • Edith Taylor Therrien Award 2022 & 2021, Harry S Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, University  of Missouri, April, 2022.

     • Research Fellowship, Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, 2018.