Heather Kopp

PhD Student
E004 Locust Street Bldg., 615 Locust Street

Heather M. Kopp is a political science PhD candidate with the subfields of international relations and comparative politics. Her research focuses on the intersection of domestic politics and international conflict. In her work, she studies how civil conflict leads to interstate conflict, how domestic institutions and political parties affect interstate conflict processes, and how audience costs affect states’ foreign policy decisions. Her dissertation examines how perceptions of party issue ownership affect the severity of audience costs that incumbents incur as a result of international conflict.


B.S., Political Science and History, Truman State University, May 2019


Rudy, Michael, and Heather M. Kopp. 2021. “Quality and Quantity: Government Quality, Capitalist Peace, and Dispute Escalation.” Midsouth Political Science Review 21: 57-88.

Heather Kopp