Jun Deng

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Jun Deng’s research focus is on energy management in the climate change era. There is an urgent need to transform the energy system into one that does not rely on fossil fuels considering the scarcity of fossil fuels and their environmental & health impacts. Her research explores community energy sustainability policy and administrative tools for accomplishing the transformation. At the same time, she is also interested in researching the decentralization of energy production and its social, political, and environmental influences.

Taek Kyu Kim

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Taek Kyu’s research focus is in performance management and collaborative governance. His research looks at how past performance signals affect organizational behaviors, such as co-production, employee attitudes, and goal displacement. Taek Kyu Kim was also named a 2022 NASPAA Emerging Scholar.

Sungjin Lee

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Sungjin Lee’s research agenda broadly centers on public policy analysis and evaluation, focusing on social and welfare policies. Sungjin’s dissertation consists of three essays regarding the impact of social policies, two focused on the food stamp work requirement and one on cannabis legalization, on individuals’ behavior, based on analysis using state and national administrative data.  

Ann Obadan

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Ann Obadan’s research focuses on inequalities of resources and how policies aim to close the gap between socially disadvantaged groups and their privileged peers. Her research sits at the intersection of education, health, immigration policy, and program and policy evaluation. Ann is also a 2022 World Bank Group-Education African Fellow.

Andreas Sihotang

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Andreas Sihotang’s research interest includes public participation, collaborative governance, and organizational performance. Andreas is also interested in policy analysis and program evaluation. He has more than 15 years of professional experience working with a nonprofit organization in the field of international development, policy advocacy, and peacebuilding. In addition, Andreas gained experience in managing and evaluating projects funded by donors such as the
European Union and the World Bank. 

John Smith 

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John Smith is studied International Relations and Comparative Politics, specializing in security and subnational conflict. His research focuses on the dynamics of civil conflicts and how access to resources enables intercommunal violence in fragile or failed states.