Educator Preparation Program Annual Performance Report

Author: Ryanne DeSpain

Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) established the Annual Performance Report (APR) for Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) for the purposes of accountability and continuous improvement. The APR is based on the Missouri Standards for the Preparation of Educators (MoSPE) and measures the performance of EPPs as part of the continuing accreditation process of EPP certification programs.

Since 2007, IPP, and previously OSEDA, has worked with DESE to provide annual surveys of first-year teachers’ perceptions of their preparedness for teaching based on the experiences provided by their preparation program. Surveys have since been developed to include first-year principals and first-year counselors, and the results are included as a key component in the teacher, school counselor, and school leader EPP APRs. In an expansion of IPP’s first-year surveys, DESE has contracted with IPP to generate the EPP APRs and to create a more visually engaging online presentation of EPP data. As part of the project, IPP and DESE will investigate relevant EPP data sources to provide a more expansive, descriptive, and accessible overview of EPPs in the state and to identify statewide trends in educator preparation.


Project Team Members: Ryanne DeSpain, MPP; Wayne Mayfield, PhD

Funder:  Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Contact: Ryanne DeSpain,, 573-882-9724