IPP Recognizes 2022 Students and Graduates

The Institute of Public Policy has had another productive year and we would like to recognize all of the students who contribute to the success of the Institute.  Graduate Research Assistants provide support through a variety of tasks including data collection, entry and analysis, literature reviews, key informant interviews, survey design and distribution, and contributions to progress and final reports.  This year, the Institute also hosted a work-study student who assisted with administrative tasks. The Institute could not provide the volume and quality of work to our partners without the support of these students.  Many of our students will be returning to work with IPP during the summer and again next fall.  We are proud to recognize that six of our students are graduating this May. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication.  Best of luck in the future!

2021-2022 IPP Students (*Graduating students)

Nana Aikins

Mark Benton*

Aida Bilali Ka

Ikhee Cho

Intae Choi

Rachel Dicke*

Shakealia Finley*

Afiah Modh Fozi

Jacob Hansen

Chastity Haxton*

Amelia Holliday

Elizabeth Knight

Jada Mulholland

Ann Obadan

Hang Qi

Ellen Thieme*

Adam Thorp*

Beau Underwood