Pay for Success Targets Recidivism Reduction

Author: Emily Johnson

The Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) was awarded the Second Chance Act Pay for Success Grant by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) in March of 2020. This grant provides funds for an outcomes-based contract (OBC) to ensure accountability and improve performance regarding recidivism reduction. OBCs are structured such that payments are tied directly to certain outcome metrics being achieved by a service provider.  DOC has contracted with IPP to help consult, research, and aid in the development of an outcomes-based contract that targets high risk probationers and parolees in the Eastern region of Missouri. IPP and DOC are working to create an outcomes-based contract that addresses reentry concerns of DOC and BJA and has sound and robust evaluation metrics tied to desired outcomes. IPP is aiding in the contract development by offering its extensive knowledge of the DOC Community Reentry Initiative with vast data analysis of various service deliveries and costs of Missouri reentry programs. The Pay for Success contract will target the major issues of employment and housing facing this population. IPP is working in the development of assessment strategies to gauge agency success in meeting these desired metrics in the probation and parole population. Implementation of the project will begin in Spring 2023. 


Funding Statement: The Funder for this project is the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), The Missouri Department of Corrections.

Project Team Members: Emily Johnson, MS and Jacob Hansen, MPA

Contact: Emily Johnson,