Perceptions of Career and Technical Education in Missouri
Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - 3:55 pm

Despite the proven benefits of career and technical education (CTE), many Missourians seem to have misconceptions about its worth in preparing the state’s future workforce. Two TSPA faculty members—Dr. Robert Russell and Dr. Mark White—worked with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to analyze the results of a statewide survey about perceptions of CTE.

Almost 10,000 Missourians completed DESE’s survey. The survey drew responses from every county in the state and collected information from students, parents, educators and business leaders. Several broad trends emerged from the survey findings, including:

  • Adult survey respondents did not have a negative perception of CTE, but they perceived that one exists,
  • Student perceptions of CTE are not fully formed,
  • Exposure to CTE improves student awareness of CTE-related opportunities,
  • Parents and educators need greater knowledge of about CTE-related education and certification opportunities,
  • Businesses value CTE certifications and credentials, but need stronger connections to CTE programs, and
  • Lack of accessibility to CTE programs can significantly limit school programming and student participation.

The survey findings will be used to help DESE’s CTE Advisory Council develop messages that will be included in a statewide marketing campaign to promote career and technical education.

A report laying out all of the survey’s findings can be found here: Perceptions of Career and Technical Education in Missouri