PhD Student Stays Balanced

Graduate Student Masters the Art of Balance: Juggling PhD Work with Passion for Skating

A Well-Orchestrated Routine

In the challenging realm of graduate school, one student at Mizzou has found a unique way to maintain equilibrium between academic pursuits and a passion for figure skating. Emma Mariano, shared insights into her harmonious balancing act, revealing a carefully crafted routine that revolves around a love for both academic pursuits and the icy thrill of skating.

For Emma, time management has been a key melody in her academic journey. With a schedule orchestrated down to the day; she dedicates Mondays and Fridays exclusively to academic work, leveraging a class-free schedule on these days. Evenings on Sundays and Tuesdays are reserved for skating practice, and weekends often see the thrill of competition, leaving her academic work temporarily on ice.

For our dedicated skater, the love for both her academic pursuits and skating has proven to be the cornerstone of her success. The symbiotic relationship between academics and athletics serves as a testament to the importance of pursuing one's passions. Skating provides a vital outlet, enhancing Emma’s mental health by offering precious moments of respite from academic pressures.

Her skating journey began in third grade, and by sixth grade, she had joined a local synchronized skating team in her hometown of Warwick, Rhode Island. The COVID-19 pandemic forced an unexpected hiatus from skating in 2020, coinciding with the commencement of her graduate school application process. With the discovery of a synchronized skating team at Mizzou, Emma was joyously reunited with their beloved sport, seamlessly integrating it into the demands of academic life.

In an inspiring narrative of passion, dedication, and resilience, this graduate student exemplifies the art of balancing academia and personal interests. The ability to seamlessly integrate figure skating into the rigorous demands of PhD studies serves as a testament to the adage: when you love what you do, finding a way to make it all work becomes second nature.


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