Professor of Practice Dr. Eric Staley Brings KC Jazz Alive Experience to the Classroom

Truman School ProfesImage removed.sor of Practice Dr. Eric Staley has a rich history in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. These experiences provide valuable insight to his consulting work and especially his teaching.

“As a teacher and a consultant, I could easily refer to students and clients interchangeably since my role with both is often the same,” said Staley.

Recently, Staley worked with KC Jazz ALIVE and attended their Jazz Summit where he was the facilitator. In his teachings, Staley uses a wide variety of case studies, most of which are drawn from his experiences as a practitioner. KC Jazz ALIVE provides an excellent real-world example for Staley's students to better understand concepts.

“When we in TSPA talk about ‘shared governance’ as distinct from participatory management we could easily have KC Jazz ALIVE in mind.”

Staley’s work with KC Jazz ALIVE provides great insight to the multifaceted work of many TSPA professors. The real-life experiences, like those of Staley, offer unique perspectives to students and a glimpse into problems and solutions students will face in their careers.