Teaming-up to Constrain Polarization

The Truman School is one of fourteen schools participating with the Volker Alliance to offer courses centered on civil discussions meant to constrain the impacts of political polarization.  “Political polarization is growing at an alarming rate, democratic systems are being tested and weakened, and the population’s faith in public institutions is at an all-time low,” said Sara Mogulescu, president of the Volcker Alliance. “We believe civil, constructive discourse is a pillar of effective democracy and this initiative will help rising leaders entering the workforce—public sector, private sector, or otherwise—to practice these skills.”


The initiative includes fourteen schools of public service. The Constructive Dialogue Curriculum Initiative in direct response to the alarming growth of political polarization on campuses across the nation and out of a belief that schools of public service have a unique role to play in preparing university students to discuss topics and policies that reach across society’s divides.  “Helping to lead Missouri, through education, is exactly why we exist. Teaching our students how to thrive in a polarizing society will be key to their future success,” said Dr. Lael Keiser, Director of the Truman School.   

For more on this initiative: 

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