TSGPA Hosts Book Conference for Laron Williams' upcoming book “Voter Perceptions of Party Positions: Theory, Data, and Empirical Strategies.”

In an exciting initiative, the Truman School hosted a book conference on Friday, November 3rd.  The conference focused on the manuscript co-authored by Laron Williams (TSGPA Professor), David Fortunato, and Thiago Silva, titled "Voter Perceptions of Party Positions: Theory, Data, and Empirical Strategies."

A book conference provides a unique opportunity to gather valuable insights before a manuscript is submitted to the press. Attendees to engaged with renowned scholars in the field, who read the manuscript and provide comments and feedback in a conference setting.  “It can also add an efficiency to the production side if the manuscript has been reviewed by professionals in the field before it is submitted to be considered for publication” said Laron. 

The three distinguished scholars invited to campus for the review were:

  1. Jonathan Homola from UCLA - Visit his website: https://jhomola.com/
  2. Debra Leiter from UM-KC - Learn more about her: https://shss.umkc.edu/profiles/political-science-and-philosophy/leiter-debra.html
  3. Zeynep Somer-Topcu from the University of Texas - Explore her work: https://zeynepsomer.com/

These scholars bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in comparative political behavior, political parties, and voter information. For those passionate about these topics, the conference was an enlightening experience.

A book conference highlights the level of scrutiny, review, and collaboration that goes into producing quality academic work.  “The Truman School invests in hosting book conferences for our faculty to enhance the quality of their research and their ability to publish their work,” said Lael Keiser, Director of the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs.

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