The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Administration and Policy will give students the tools to think critically about problems facing public and nonprofit institutions, and to develop and implement solutions. The program combines the study of public administration, public policy, and communication through a variety of courses. Students will learn to tackle complex societal issues by learning techniques for sound policy development and effective public administration. Students will have the opportunity to take electives in some of the most important topics facing public servants, such as education, economics and foreign affairs. 

Our graduates pursue careers in:

  • Public or nonprofit management 
  • Health care/policy management 
  • Policy research/analysis 
  • City management 
  • Education policy  
  • Project coordination  
  • Elected office 
  • Government relations 
  • Federal/state legislative staff 

 We also offer a five-years to MPA option.

Academic Advising is meaningful educational planning. You will work with your advisor to explore and define your academic interests and goals. Together you will create a clear educational plan that will lead to successfully completing a university degree that matches your interests, strengths, values, and career goals. 

Goals and Objectives 

Academic advising facilitates student development and is an integral part of the educational process at MU. The ultimate goal is to help you gain the most from your experience at MU. Advising objectives include helping you:

  • Acquire and demonstrate awareness of campus resources
  • Become and independent and Active navigator of your undergraduate experience
  • Explore, understand, and meet degree requirements

Making an Appointment with your Academic Advisor

Appointments can be easily scheduled through MU Connect. If you are not a current Political Science or Public Administration and Policy major, you will need to search for the advisors below.

Note: MU Connect works best with Chrome or Firefox. Using Safari or Internet Explorer is not recommended.

If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please use MU Connect to cancel it as soon as possible. Please be respectful of your advisor’s and other students’ time. If you are more than 5 minutes late for an appointment, you may be asked to reschedule it.

Connect with Your Advisor 

The name of your assigned advisor is listed in myZou. Political Science majors are advised by Rebecca Fallon (last names A-G), Sarah Kammeyer (last names H-O), and Kati Abbott (last names P-Z). 

Rebecca Fallon

Political Science, Public Administration and Policy (and Economics), students last names A-G
W109A Locust Street Building
Appointments: To digitally schedule an appointment, please use Fallon's online scheduler.

Sarah Kammeyer

Political Science, Public Administration and Policy (students last names H-O)
W109C Locust Street Building
Appointments: To digitally schedule an appointment, please use Kammeyer's online scheduler.

Kati Abbott

Political Science and Public Administration and Policy (students last names P-Z)
W109B Locust Street Building
Appointments: To digitally schedule an appointment, please use Abbott's online scheduler.

If you are thinking about majoring in public administration and policy, please email or schedule an appointment with the appropriate academic advisor as listed in the Advising section of this web page.

Undergraduate admissions to the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs is handled through campus Admissions. You can apply to MU through this office, find out about financial aid, learn about residential life, and more.  

The core courses include Principles of Public Policy Administration; Public Policy; and Program Assessment and Improvement. 

A unique aspect of this program is the focus on communication skills. Students will select two courses from the following five: Argument and Advocacy; Organizational Advocacy; Communication Competencies for a Diverse Workplace; Political Communication; and Organizational Communication. This will provide students with foundational knowledge in this area. 

Finally, elective courses in public affairs and other disciplines will provide students with important training in key aspects of public and nonprofit administration. The following are some examples of elective groupings students can select to target their primary interests. 

  • Social Justice and Policy 
  • Courses including Early Childhood Policy, Economics of Education, and Education and 
  • Social Inequalities will help students understand how these social justice issues  impact communities and how to effect positive change. 
  • Nonprofit Management 

Courses including Fundraising and Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Ethics, and The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector will help students become effective leaders in the nonprofit sector. 

  • Public Management 
  • Courses including Law, Policy, and Regulation, Law and Economics, Public Economics, 
  • Economic Development Policy, and Local Government Management will prepare students to become effective public managers.  

Please see the Schedule of Classes for current offerings.  

Students are also encouraged to include a study abroad experience as part of their undergraduate studies.