Dana Angello


Dana Angello, PhD strives to teach public servants to think critically about existing government structures and encourage the incorporation of the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their work.

During her time working in city government, Dana increased staff’s capacity to use data for decision making. She coached public health and human services divisions such as Immigrant Affairs, Community Health and Wellness, and Disease Prevention through the process of developing metrics and data collection processes to monitor progress toward goals.

Dana has also developed and delivered a curriculum to increase data literacy, allowing human services providers with knowledge about using community indicator data, creating SMART goals, developing program metrics, and visualizing data for analysis.

Her work in the community with nonprofits reflects her passion for amplifying the voices of communities that traditionally have less power in decision making.She has worked with nonprofits to empower youth voices. She also has organized community seminars designed to introduce community members to local government officials and opportunities for civic engagement.

Dana received her Masters degree and PhD from University of Missouri. She has a decade of experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods. Among her research experience includes analysis of equitable access to public services and descriptive representation’s impact on policy that benefits communities of color and other minority groups.

She owns her own consulting business, helping governments and non-profits to fulfill their missions by using data with cultural responsiveness and equity in mind.

Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Public and Non-Profit Management
State and Local Politics, Policy, and Management