Jonathan Krieckhaus

Professor, Political Science
E307 Locust Street Bldg., 615 Locust Street

My research focuses heavily on how politics structures the economic process.  Dictating Development: How Europe Shaped the Global Periphery (Pittsburg 2008) explains global development patterns from an international relations perspective, attributing growth outcomes to the nature of international interactions with colonial powers, warfare, etc. Geopolitical Economy: The South Korea FTA Strategy (Michigan 2018) examines how South Korea recently built the world's most impressive array of free trade agreements. My work in the Journal of Politics (2013) shows that national economic inequality is a powerful correlate of lower democratic support, while a series of articles in the British Journal of Political Science examine the effect of democracy on economic growth, as well as provide a critique of the much circulated AJR 2001 article on the "Colonial Origins of Comparative Development".

Canadian Studies
Comparative Politics
Political Economy and Development
Research Methods