Peverill Squire

E325 Locust Street Bldg., 615 Locust Street

Peverill Squire joined the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri in 2007 and holds the Hicks and Martha Griffiths Chair in American Political Institutions. His Ph.D. is from the University of California, Berkeley (1986). Professor Squire previously taught at the University of Iowa and has been a visiting professor at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan, and a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, holding the John Marshall Chair in Political Science at the Budapest (Hungary) University of Economic Sciences. He was senior editor of Legislative Studies Quarterly for many years, has served as chair of the American Political Science Association’s Legislative Studies Section and as co-chair of the International Political Science Association’s Research Committee of Legislative Specialists, and was given the 2018 Career Achievement Award by the American Political Science Association’s State Politics and Policy Section. Professor Squire specializes in American politics and legislative studies.

Political Institutions
State and Local Politics, Policy, and Management